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Elevate My Community

How we work

Investing in Elevate My Community provides people living in developing countries with increased self-esteem and confidence and inspires them to think and act on making their life and future better than what it is today. 

We are more than a platform, we provide a business system


Elevate My Community provides a platform and business system for those in the world who seek to contribute to changing the lives of people who have been denied the opportunities that so many others take for granted.  Individuals or organisations can invest to a community project that is professionally managed through a proven community economic development framework known as Enabling Partnership Communities (EPC). 



You can invest in a variety of ways with rewards 

​Investors can choose how they want to help through the following investment types:

  1. Contributions – amounts under $500 can be donated to a specific project

  2. Rewards – amounts $500 and over are attached to a specific reward program for each project


Investors will receive ongoing updates and can ask questions and provide input to their funded projects through the online platform, thereby providing more than just a financial contribution, but the benefit of their own unique skills and experiences. 


Investing in Elevate My Community will provide people living in developing countries with increased self-esteem and confidence and inspire them to think and act on making their life and future better than what it is today.


If communities do not have a greater role to play in their own development, residents will continue to live life as they always have, dependent on governments and aid, and without the inspiration and boost they need to take control of their own destination.



Our projects benefit greatly by the funding that is received through our campaigns.  Our philosophy is based on small, achievable projects that can be replicated and scaled.  Even though we have suggested a minimum amount, all funds raised will contribute to achieving the overall goals of the project.   


If projects exceed the stated minimum amount, they can be exponentially even more valuable to the community.  Therefore, if more funds are pledged than the minimum amount targeted, those funds will be used to increase the scale of the project.  This is defined in more detail in each project plan.



Monitor progress


Investors can make a real and tangible impact to the lives of many people who have not had the same opportunity as you.  We believe it is important that investors can monitor progress and, depending on your investment level, have a direct input into their implementation, providing so much more than just money, but the benefit of your own unique skills and experience.  You will be provided access to our online community.


Fee Structure


We use a leading payment processor, Stripe to handle all payments.  Once the minimum target has been reached, funds will be debited from your nominated card and paid to the project account.  An industry standard platform fee of 5% is charged and is used to cover costs to administer and market the projects. Stripe charges 2.9%. 

Methodology 1.jpg

The EPC Framework

The EPC framework enables and facilitates successful business ventures and establishes partnerships via strong links to key industry, government, and community stakeholders to deliver independence and sustainability to rural communities.  To be sustainable, we make sure we identify key markets and service those market needs.  We engage stakeholders and facilitate partnerships to bring ongoing commercial viability to communities, eliminating reliance on grants and welfare.  As we develop new ventures, we aim to provide community residents with choice in their career options.  We empower them with independence and the freedom to choose different pathways in multiple industries.  Our projects create resilience by strengthening communities to withstand market shocks and create lasting growth.


Project plans


Each project has its own plan which is available on our portal.  All projects must be small and achievable and have an economic development outcome.  We are not an aid agency that has a big picture view to end poverty, rather we work directly with the community we serve to assist them implement projects that will have a lasting impact on their lives.  This could include developing regional economic development strategies, integrating technology to the supply chain, training to improve technical or business management capacity, establishment of commercial nurseries, research to improve productivity, purchase of small assets that enable deeper participation in the value chain, or any other myriad of activities that will improve economic outcomes.

Wet bean sorting.jpg

Beautiful wet cocoa beans, providing a sustainable livelihood for thousands of people.  A project started using the EPC Framework and continuing to prosper

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