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Elevate My Community supports the art industry

Artist, Moses Minipa from Papua New Guinea has produced paintings for many important projects and has original works available to send anywhere in the world

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Our Partner Program provides financial incentives to our supporters so we are able to build a growing, strong community that in turn supports communities in less developed countries.

Small projects that impact 
A journey of progressive improvements

Everyone knows that aid is not working as intended and that something must change. To achieve progress towards developing a prosperous world, we must focus on small, achievable projects that are community led and can be replicated and scaled.

Without careful guidance and an enabling economic model, people living in less developed communities may struggle to prosper. 

Elevate My Community brings hope and opportunity by sourcing crowdfunding for economic development strategies that empower people, communities and cultures to thrive.........STARTING IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA

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Supporting the following projects changes lives 

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Building a central hub for trading cocoa and transacting with a bank agency, enabling farmers to earn and save more money.

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Every farming family deserves the skills and knowledge to transform their land from a subsistence garden to a profitable small business.


A Market Development Strategy provides a community with the roadmap to increasing incomes and building long term wealth. 

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Over half of PNG's  population is under 25 and they are the future of agriculture.  AgFutures provides a platform for growth for young people.

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Why you should support developing communities


poverty kills

Develops local Economies

Expands markets



Its the right thing to do

Aboriginal Cultural Dance

Get involved in the community you are supporting

Monitor and contribute to progress of each project through our online community

The people in this village were so inspired by attending training in farming as a business, that many diversified their farms and started their own trade store to build their financial future

Nurseries are a critical element to any agricultural crop and here we see a new cocoa nursery that will enable nearby farmers to expand their current production and earn more income


Funding enabled PNG Agriculture Company to move larger volumes of cocoa to market at a cheaper cost

Green Field

We have implemented many projects that have succeeded to change the lives of people.  They can be characterised by their size and specific focus on community-based outcomes.  They are projects that are small and achievable, can be replicated and scaled, and led by the very people who can sustain success, the residents of the community.

A sample of projects

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PNG Agriculture Company is 100% owned by small family farmers in Papua New Guinea.  The company aims to boost output, quality and incomes for farming families by professionalising farming and business practices.  The company increases a farmers participation in the agribusiness value chain, from producing higher yields to efficient post-harvest processing and access to diverse and more valuable markets, including downstream production of value-added products.

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AgBook assists farmers to learn financial and business concepts and attain the skills required to enable them to play a key role in driving the acceleration in growth of their business and the agriculture sector.  It enables youth and their families to learn and improve their knowledge, change their attitudes and enhance their skills needed for farm commercialisation and increasing their incomes – while working on their own farms.


NACP Projects is a partnership between Badge Constructions and three Australian Indigenous communities.  The project started as an idea to increase employment opportunities for Indigenous people and has now successfully delivered tens of millions of dollars of commercial construction projects, with Indigenous management and leadership, providing more than just employment but the skills and confidence to build their own communities.

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